Top 5 Women’s Most Expensive Shoes in the World

These are the most expensive shoes in the world

Let’s face it, women love shoes, we love shopping in general. I can’t even say shoes top it. There are those who are more into shoes, more into bags, more into jewels, clothes, perfume and so on. But overall shopping is second nature.

Depending with what you are into, and what dominates a huge part of your wardrobe, there is an item you can pay any amount within your for and there are things you would set a limit of what you are willing to part with.

Going back to shoes, a huge number buys shoes based on impulse. “It’s nice, looks pretty, I want it” other things like quality, type and price come after the attraction. That is when you ask yourself is it quality; can you afford it, where will you wear it to? Do you really need it? (Ok, we hardly ask ourselves the last two questions)

Having said that, how much would you be willing to part with to own a quality shoe? Check out these most expensive shoes in the world thus far.

Kathryn Wilson’s Pumps- Made For Auction : Price $ 418, 450

most expensive shoes

This shoe was designed for a charity auction, auctioned for $ 418, 450.  Yes you heard it, not to mention that they are not even wearable. It is probably just lying on a display somewhere. It features million worth diamonds each hand pasted one by one with large gemstone on each toe.

Stuart Weitzman, Diamond Dream Stilettos- “karat Diamonds” : Price $ 500,000

most expensive shoesThis shoe might not look as elegant from far, but it is handcrafted with about 150, 030 karat diamonds.  This is for the lovers of diamond.

It was worn by Anika Noni Rose for the 2007 Oscars.

Original ‘Wizard of Oz’ Ruby Slippers- “There is no place like home” : Price $ 612,000

most expensive shoesThese red pair was sold off at an auction for $ 612,000. Why is it so expensive you might ask? It is an iconic shoe. It was worn by the character Dorothy in the movie “The Wizard of Oz”

Stuart Weitzman Marilyn Monroe Shoes- “Monroe’s earrings” : Price $ 1 million

most expensive shoesImagine a shoe named after you, not just any shoes, a whopping $ 1 million shoe. If you are more into class, then this shoe is pure class adorned with Swarovski crystals. They were named after Marilyn Monroe and the designer used her earrings worn. It was auctioned for $ 1 million.

The shoe was worn by Regina King in 2005 Oscars.


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